Tony Gilks

Like all serving police officers Tony has seen his fair share of major incidents including the tragic loss of a Spanish airliner that crashed into Blackdown Hill near Midhurst killing all on board in 1967. The turbulent Miners' Strikes in Yorkshire and Kent, the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the 1984 Conservative Conference and the aftermath of the IRA bombing of the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal, Kent.

Gilks' Dunnickin is a biography of Tony Gilks' thirty-year career serving as a policeman in the Sussex Force. It is fully illustrated with pictures and wonderfully expressive cartoons by John Whurr.

The short extracts below are taken from Gilk's Dunnickin, with the kind permission of the author

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Worthing wild life
Honey Bear
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Country Beat
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Good Doggy
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It's all done with mirrors
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Laid Bare
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Smokey Joes
Make way for Noddy
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Talking of dead bodies
With the help of Sergeant Harry Hirst
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Dr Rosenberg
Worthing's mortuary 1960s
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