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Old Police Cells Museum



We are part of a partnership of heritage organisations in Brighton & Hove who are working together to improve our offer for school teachers.

Old Police Cells Museum


The Old Police Cells Museum is housed in the basement of Brighton Town Hall and offers visitors an insight into the history of policing in Sussex.

Step back in time to visit Brighton Borough main police station during the period 1830 to 1967. Explore some of the old cells with their graffiti from the Mods and Rockers era, the policemen’s washroom and uniform store areas, discover police memorabilia and artefacts and learn about the murder of Chief Constable Henry Solomon in 1844 by a prisoner.


Learning Session

Brighton and Policing 1.5 hours, onsite, KS2&3 

Find out how policing began in the UK and how it changed as the town grew from 1832, in the former police station. 


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