'The Brighton Police Corruption Case'

Photo:Ray Hovey

Ray Hovey

Extracts curtesy of Mr David Hovey


Compiled By Detective Ray Hovey

One can only guess at the pressures Frank Knight and Ray Hovey came under before and after giving their evidence. 'It took great courage for these two men to appear as witnesses for the prosecution against more senior policemen. They both stood for honesty and integrity and proved as much in one of the highest courts in the land, the Old Bailey.'    

David Rowland 'Bent Cops' 


'Some Policemen May Have Been Corrupt'

'I say this at once - it is possible that some Brighton police officers have been corrupt during those nine years and those police officers are not in the dock.' 

Mr Edward Clarke

Evening Argus Feb 24,1958 

Photo:Printed  Friday, 28th 1958

Printed Friday, 28th 1958

Daily Mirror

Flashback...to Brighton, 1952. The scene - Sherry's Bar, run by Anthony Lyons, who was acquitted in the conspiracy case.

The occasion - a party to celebrate John Hammersley's promotion to detective-sergeant.

Detective Trevor Heath was then a constable. Chief Constable was a detective superintendent. Others are not connected with the case.                                

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Photo: Illustrative image for the ''The Brighton Police Corruption Case'' page

Mr David Hovey

Praised by Mr Justice Donovan at the Old Bailey yesterday for their 'integrity in the face of temptation and their courage in coming forward to give evidence' - Detective Constable Raymond Hovey, Police Constable Frank Knight and Police Constable Vernon Tullett.

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