Cell 4

Photo:The evidence room

The evidence room

Photo:A sniffer otter?

A sniffer otter?

The Grand Bombing


On October 12th 1984 the Grand Hotel on Brighton seafront was bombed by the IRA. Their intention was to kill Margaret Thatcher and as many of her cabinet as they could. It was the closest any group of terrorists had come to achieving this since Guy Fawkes and his colleagues in 1605

Find out the truth behind the events

How did Mrs Thatcher escape unhurt?

How close did the IRA come to achieving their aims?

What evidence led to the arrest of Patrick Magee?

How did the police reconstruct the events leading up to the bombing?

What future plans did Patrick Magee have in the pipeline?

Why did the IRA want to murder Mrs Thatcher?

Did they really believe planting the bomb was a good idea?

The last three Labour Party conferences held in Brighton were assigned the prefix Otter. One of the officers working on the planning for the operation had a garden ornament of an otter which she donated to the planning team as a mascot, which you can see in the corner of the cell dedicated to the Grand Hotel bombing. The otter was given the name Maj (pronounced Madge) being the initials of the officer in charge of the entire operation,  Chief Superintendent Mark Anthony Jordan, later promoted to Assistant Chief Constable. All personal associated with the conference who had access to the immediate area had to have a special pass and MAJ was no exception!



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