A Fair Cop: A Century Of British Policewomen

Alison Halford, Assistant Chief Constable of Merseyside Police
Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick
Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Malton
Barbara Wilding Chief Constable
Della CanningsChief Constable of North Yorkshire Police

With 2015 marking the 100th anniversary of the first British policewoman being given the power to arrest, A Fair Cop (a 1×90 documentary for BBC Four) looks at the remarkable history of 100 years of Britain’s female police.

This film explores the individual careers and ambitions of female police officers who broke new ground and were determined to advance themselves in the profession. It is a story of class, ambition and sheer guts in a battle to overcome sexism and intimidation, and win equal status for women in the British police force.

A Fair Cop will combine interviews with women who pushed boundaries in the profession and serving officers, with illuminating facts and stories of the women who shaped the police force over the last century. Those featured include Sislin Fay Allen, Britain’s first black policewoman; Cressida Dick, Britain’s highest-ever-ranking policewoman; Alison Halford, who brought a high-profile sex discrimination charge against the police; and Jackie Malton, who provided the model for Prime Suspect’s Jane Tennyson. These interviews will be combined with fascinating facts and illuminating stories from expert historians and current serving officers who have made their careers in the specialist areas of the mounted police and firearms units.

This is a story about ingenuity and determination as well as law and order. A Fair Cop is a hidden history of our society, depicting a battle of the sexes that masked a battle for power.


Barbara Franklin

Judith Gillespie

Sally Habbard

Alan Moss

Mary Routledge, Wendy Davenport, Nicky Grey

Janet Dell

Eviline Underwood, Irene Ball

Danny Ewington, Steve Mackle