Carolyn ( Carol) Jones

Regional Crime Squad and Surveillance
Watching Confessions of a Window Cleaner and getting into cars with strange men
Carol Jones

I joined West Sussex Constabulary on 8th May 1967 and after completing 13 weeks training at Ryton on Dunsmore Training School, just outside Coventry.  As WPC 11, I was posted to Chichester in the then Police Women’s Department.

In January 1968 we amalgamated and became Sussex Police, the only differrence it made to me at that time was that I them became WPC BJ180. I remained at Chichester until November 1970 when I was then posted to the Police Women’s Department at Worthing.

In May 1972 I was seconded onto The Regional Crime Squad Office at Brighton becoming the first female Detective at said Office, I remained there until August 1972 after which I was posted to Littlehampton CID.

I spent the next 7 years as the WDC at Littlehampton and then in June 1982 I was moved at my request (I felt I was in a rut) to Worthing Patrol where I spent two months on patrol before being sent out to Ferring as the village bobby. Initially this was supposed to be for 9 months but I stayed there for 15 months before being moved back to Worthing where I became the Juvenile Liaison Officer.

In early 1987 the then Superintendent of Worthing, Dick Terry, decided to set up The Special Enquiry Unit at Worthing made up of a WPS and 4 WPCs of which I was one. Our remit was to deal with Sexual Offences, child abuse and domestic violence. Originally this was to be for one year but it was so sucessful that we carried on and in fact that was the start of the Child Protection Teams around the County.

I left the Unit in early 1991 and became a Town Beat officer for a couple of years and then spent the last three years of my career as a Station Officer, both in Worthing town Centre.

I retired from the force on the 22nd January 1996.

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