Hazel Lane

Lewes Headquarters
WPC Hazel Lane
Our first MG, South of England Show.
Triumph Tina
Police Training school in Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire which (at the time) was the nearest Training Centre for East Sussex recruits.
Joy, Highstreet, Mayfield
Lewes Headquarters
Liveried Vehicle, now on tour
TA Centre, Lewes

My posting To Traffic Division

The decade; the 60’s; the year 67
And a female, of whom there were few,
As a junior probationer in the East Sussex Force
My dream was about to come true.
Unheard of; not possible; too many bridges
To persuade those who just said no;
That women on Traffic would never survive
Our mission to prove it and show     .
That thanks to the risk that the Chief was to take
As he bravely proposed without fear,
That Women in Policing in high speed cars
Could integrate well in this sphere!
Policewoman on Traffic are common place now,
Equal pay and conditions; not then,
But I’m proud to have been at the start of a plot
That made history and tormented the men.
WPC H Lane (Waters) 1965 – 1974

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Joining the Force