Kate Piper

Boots, brothels, shooters and flashers

These boots were made for cycling

One other memorable event at amalgamation time was the Police Pageant as part of ‘Expo 68’ held at the South of England Show Ground. The pageant was of the various police departments through the ages. It was my privilege to represent the police women of the 1900s, wearing the uniform of that time along with knee length boots. These boots were laced from ankle to knee and fortunately I had the daily help of PC Sam Eaves to lace up the boots.


Interview for a very different job

Being a buxom wench at the time and being suitably dressed for my interview, I went to meet my fate!!
I was very glad that I had travelled in my own car, and that I had left my warrant card and all other forms of identity locked in the glove compartment. I was interviewed – if that is what you could call it – by the most obnoxious male I have ever met. I was initially frisked to make sure I was not ‘wired up’. Once these preliminaries were sorted out I was measured for my kinky underwear, and then chose from a catalogue what I would in fact be expected to wear whilst performing! Heaven help me I thought – is this what I joined the police for?

I assured my interviewer that I would be up to the job when it came along! After successfully completing my interview I beat a hasty retreat back to the Station for a de-brief (if that is the correct expression!).

The matter had an eventual successful conclusion as a raid was later carried out on the premises, and the business was ended abruptly!