The history of the British Police Force 1940s / John George Haigh

History of the British Police Force 1940s
90 minute documentary charting the development of the world's first police force from Robert Peel to the present day. Good for GCSE SHP Crime and Punishment exam paper 2 in June 2008.
Man On The Beat / The Police - 1945 British Council Film Collection - CharlieDeanArchives
A look at 1940's police officers, their duties whilst on the beat, and their role within the community.
John George Haigh The Acid Bath Murderer
TALES FROM THE BLACK MUSEUM - John George Haigh (Discovery, 1999)
Presented by Jonathan Goodman. One of the cases that interests me most; that of John George Haigh, the Acid Bath Murderer.
THE BLACK MUSEUM - John George Haigh (Central TV, 1988)
From the quintessential British crime documentary and the one that got me started on my interest, the piece on John George Haigh, the acid bath murderder. I own some of Haigh's original family photographs and a letter he wrote whilst on remand in Brixton prison.
SCOTLAND YARD'S GREATEST INVESTIGATIONS - John George Haigh (History Channel, 1996)
A rather good - and laregly forgotten - History Channel programme on Scotland Yard (but essentially more on famous murder cases).
13 Facts About Serial Killer John George Haigh - The Acid Bath Murderer
13 Facts about depraved serial killer John George Haigh. The type of man to put on gloves so he didn't have to touch dirt, then next minute he's drinking your blood! A calculating conundrum of a man. From The 'BIG BOOK' of Dark Minds by Serene Makepeace

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