The 1950s & 1960s policing and the mods and Rockers

Meet Mr Careless from the 1950s
Take a light-hearted look at some serious messages about keeping your property safe when you take a break. The footage used is taken from a public information film from the 1950s. See moving footage produced by Oldham Borough Police more than half a century ago.
New technology and radio in the 60s (1960s)
The iconic Ford Zephyr police car was equipped with state of the art equipment including telex machines that could transmit photographs. Officers were given radios for the first time. These enable them to stay in touch with the police station. The early radios where referred to as bat phones because of the Motorola logo which looks like two wings.
Mods, Rockers and Moral Panics
Mods and Rockers
Len Paterson, founder of the Rocker's Reunion Movement and Cylinder Head Shop, recollects about the 60s for BBC TV. 1964 and 1965
Mods and Rockers fighting
Montage of the best clips from the whitsun riots. Enjoy:)
The Kinks - You Really Got Me video (Quadrophenia) HQ HD
It's Just Our Job (1963)
Alarm clock goes off at 7am. A hand reaches out and man turns it off. Shots of woman in a shower - she is wearing a shower cap. Man in his pyjamas has a shave. At the breakfast table - he eats. Now in police uniform, he picks his hat up and puts it on. He leaves his house, kissing his wife on the cheek. 01:43:07 Thames division river police climb into boats. Boat sets off from jetty. C/U of man operating the boat. "The sailor policemen" replace a barge's tarpaulin. Hendon - police training centre. Policewoman is given special training for driving a police car. She reverses an Austin Cambridge through a narrow space. Police motorcyclists steer around an obstacle course. Policeman giving instruction to other policemen at desks. Car with chassis removed. Car chase on a slippery track. View from the car as it speeds around the track. Shots of the policeman at the wheel. 01:47:28 Traffic policemen at the scene of an accident. A man sits slumped at the wheel with blood on his head. A flashing light to warn other drivers that there has been an accident is set up. The driver is given first aid. One policeman uses his radio. The two policemen study the car to ascertain the cause of the accident. Continued. 01:49:15 A dog and handler is requested in the search for a missing child in Epping Forest. Many members of the mounted police take part in a search for a missing child. One policeman finds a child's hat. A policewoman talks to the mother of the child. She is given the hat. A police dog is let out of the back of a van. It sniffs the hat. Police laboratory. Man checks a piece of metal from some wire cutters. Forensic science is described at playing an increasingly important part in police work. Police use flashlights in their search for the missing boy. C/U of the dog. The boy is found. Produced for the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis by Associated British-Pathe. End title: Carelessness Causes Crime. Note: soundtrack is commentary only, no sound effects. Mag track exists - now in "Vinegar Syndrome Vault". Note: soundtrack is commentary only, no sound effects. Mag track exists - now in "Vinegar Syndrome Vault". FILM ID:1253.05 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES.

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