THE 1970s & 1980s/ Grand bombing

Women Police Officers (1970)
In 1970 women police officers were integrated into the police service and shared equal status with their male counterparts. Since then WPCs have always been in the front line of duty and in 1984 WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead outside the Libyan embassy.
UK Central Office Of Information - Vandalism 1970s
Ch4 Brighton Bomb
On 12 October 1984, the IRA carried out the most audacious terrorist attack in its history. At 2:53am, a huge explosion ripped through the front of Brighton's Grand Hotel, in an effort to kill Margaret Thatcher and decapitate her administration. It was the first attempt to wipe out an entire government in Britain since the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The programme features interviews with the victims of the bomb, those charged with the rescue effort, the aides who were with Mrs Thatcher on that fateful night, and a former member of the IRA. What emerges is the terrifying real tale of a historic event, including a dramatic assessment of just how close the IRA came to achieving their primary aim: the assassination of the Prime Minister.
To Kill The Cabinet - Brighton Bomb Documentary - 1986
BBC News Special I produced and directed on the police investigation that led to the capture of Patrick Magee: the man responsible for the Brighton Bomb. On 12 October 1984, Magee made an audacious attempt to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet by exploding a bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Conservative Party Conference. The Prime Minister was unharmed but five people were killed in the attack and many more injured. Broadcast on BBC1 in June 1986, around the time Magee and his accomplices were convicted of the Brighton Bomb and plotting another IRA mainland bombing campaign in 1985 when they were captured at a hideout in Glasgow in June of that year.
IRA Brighton Bomber Interview
Andy Andrews with IRA Brighton Bomber - Power of Forgiveness. Brighton Bombers. The Brighton Bomb.

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