Tony Gilks

The policeman’s Prayer

Guard thou and guide me lord I pray,

   on duties round from day to day.

In country lane or city street,

   help me serve those I meet.

To all I find in want or need,

   see that I am kind in word and deed.

Let justice in my soul abide,

   so that I am fair to every side.

But make me firm should need arise,

   to see that rule of law applies.

And give me courage to prevail,

   in danger’s hour – and not to fail.

Then when your final call is made

   remember one who served and prayed.

Pc Tony Gilks

Like all serving police officers Tony has seen his fair share of major incidents including the tragic loss of a Spannish airliner that crashed into Blackdown Hill near Midhurst killing all on board in 1967. The turbulent Miners’ Strikes in Yorkshire and Kent, the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the 1984 Conservative Conference and the aftermath of the IRA bombing of the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal, Kent.

Audio copyright Paul Beaken