The Murder of Police Constable Keith Blakelock. Part 2

Tottenham Police Station in High Road
At around 1pm on the 5th October 1986, Floyd Jarrett a senior member of the Youth Association was stopped by police officers whilst driving along Roseberry Avenue in Tottenham.
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A few days after the event. Concrete ziggurats and heavy policing
The Broadwater Farm estate, often referred to as the Farm, was completed in 1970. By 1979 an official government report said that the long term future of the estate looked bleak and at best the local authority should seek to make it tolerable for another decade.

Floyd Jarrett

On 5th October 1985, around 1pm Floyd Jarrett was stopped in his BMW car. The two officers searched the car in an effort to find something wrong with it. They eventually decided that the VIN number on the chassis had been tampered with. Jarrett was arrested for the alleged theft of the motor vehicle and assault on the police, allegedly saying that he had thrown two punches aimed at the police officers. Jarrett was taken to Tottenham Police Station. He was later acquitted on all counts, totally innocent.

About 4 hours into Jarrett’s arrest Dc Mike Randall, who was officially off duty, and three other officers, Sergeant Parsons, PC Casey and PC Allan took the decision to search Floyd Jarrett’s home. They took the keys from Jarrett’s possessions without signing for them. They then arrived at Jarrett’s home and without knocking the door or ringing the bell to inform any occupants they were there, let themselves in with Jarett’s key, they had taken. Once they were inside the premises they were challenged by his sister, Patricia Jarrett, as to their right to enter their home without a proper signed search warrant? Despite the family protesting, the 4 policemen went on with this unlawful search. Floyd’s mother also challenged the police as what right they had to search their home? It is alleged that during the search DC Randall shoved Mrs. Jarrett to the floor. Patricia Jarrett testified at the inquest of her mother that was what had happened. While Mrs Jarrett was laying on the floor Randall stepped over the body and continued with the search.

Patricia Jarrett

It was at that point that Patricia Jarrett demanded that she be allowed to administer her mother with some medication and that the police call for an ambulance urgently. Randall made a point of saying that she was play-acting’ and did not require an ambulance or require any medical attention. These officers carried on with their unlawful search of the premises whilst Cynthia Jarrett was suffering a heartache that was soon to kill her. The records later showed that D/C Randall left the premises and communicated with the police station that the raid had passed off without any incident.

It was Patricia Jarrett who eventually managed to call for the ambulance which arrived at 6.18pm and took the unconscious Cynthia Jarrett to the North Middlesex Hospital where she was then declared as ‘dead on arrival’ at 6.35pm.

At 7pm Floyd Jarrett was released from police custody but the police never told him of the raid on his mother’s home, or worst still the fact that his mother had passed away.

Tottenham Police Station

The following day, on Sunday the 6th of October a small well-behaved crowd gathered outside of Tottenham Police Station demanding that D/C Randall be suspended. Bernie Grant, who at that time was the leader of Harringey Council added his voice to the demands of the Community. A meeting with some senior Metropolitan Police officers as well as some members of the Jarrett family was quickly arranged. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richards. He told Mr. Grant that he or his officers could neither discuss the ‘incident’ or suspend the officers concerned because the investigation was now in the hands of the police PCA .(Police Complaints Authority.) (There are shades of August 2011 here.) D/C Randall, it was he who the family identified as being responsibility as being fully responsible for the death of Cynthia Jarrett. Randall was well known to a large number of black youths of the area. He had developed the reputation as a complete racist and bragged he was going ‘to clean up’ the Tottenham area single-handed., as a result he had earned for himself the nickname of ‘Sweeney,’ among the black youths of the area.

He appeared grinning widely, from one of the windows of the police station during an impromptu demonstration it was seen by the crowd as a nasty taunt. It was then that the crowd outside started throwing missiles at the windows, breaking a number. This then led to a clash between the crowd and police officers who were guarding the police station Then Stafford Scott a senior member of the BWF Youth Association made a quick decision to remove the protesters from the police station in an effort to avoid further clashes. To do this he called for a meeting at the BWF at the youth centre that afternoon. The group left and about 150 young people attended this afternoon meeting. The unanimous decision of this meeting was that the group go back to Tottenham Police and reiterate their demands about the suspension of the officers involved. The group were now pretty angry and certainly had the makings of a full scale riot unless someone could pacify the crowd.


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