Stories from the book, 'The Police in Lewes.' Part 22

Joy Christian and Hazel Lane

Joy Christian recalls one particularly terrible fatal accident to which she and her partner was sent. It really was a horrible one for anyone who had to deal. When any police officer gets a call to any traffic accident with the added words, it might be a fatal one. You cannot help but get butterflies in the pit of your stomach. It involved Joy sweeping up the remains of the content of a casualty’s head from the pavement. The Operations Room Controller responsible for sending us to this bad accident felt very bad about sending two young girls to the scene. He continually apologised to us just about every time he saw one or both of us. He also apologised over the air waves too.

As Hazel explained,

‘that was part of his job that we did and of course were expected to do. After all we were police officers doing exactly the same job as our male colleagues.’

There was another occasion when Hazel Lane earned another commendation after a further escapade. She explains,

‘whilst on patrol with another officer in a rural area near to home she took up a pursuit of a stolen car. It was known that the car thieves had driven onto a golf course and then dumped the car and made off. However, where were they? It was thought they could still be in the vicinity where they dumped the car’.

They drove the MGB onto the golf course but the vehicle was not used to driven on a golf course and it wasn’t long before the exhaust was lost, because of the lowness of the vehicle to the ground. It couldn’t make any further progress on the golf course. The girls knew they were not going to make very much progress on foot. Just at that point two horse riders came along and it so happened that Hazel knew both of these riders.

As both of the policewomen were country folk, they  persuaded the two horse riders to loan them their horses for a short while. They explained that the ‘Constabulary’ were commandeering their horses and then both of the policewomen took off, ‘cowboy fashion.’ In order to try and find the car thieves. It wasn’t long before the thieves were spotted, bearing in mind the riders were high off the ground and therefore had a wonderful view. The thieves just couldn’t believe their eyes by the sight of mounted police officers in pursuit of them. They readily gave themselves up, there was no fight in them at all. The Police got their man – or perhaps it would be correct to say ‘men.’


Written by David Rowland and taken from the book, ‘The Police in Lewes.’


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