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Tales of race gangs, prostitution, drugs, human trafficking, organ harvesting, money laundering, adolescent runaways, teenage rebellion, illicit weekends, fratricide, matricide, infanticide and straight forward common or garden murder have all found their way into print or onto the big screen and helped create the image of Brighton as one of the major crime centres of Europe.


In 1962 the Brighton Police Force co-operated closely with the producers of Jigsaw. This crime thriller featured the Brighton police investigating the murder of a young woman whose body is discovered in an isolated house in Saltdean.

Written and directed by Val Guest it stars Jack Warner and Ronald Lewis as two dectectives chasing down a murderer in and around the local area.

Unique Access

The cameras were allowed unique access to the Police Station in the Town Hall in Little East Street (now the home of the Old Police Cells Museum) and viewers get a rare glimpse of Police Headquarters before the move to John Street in 1967.

Shot primarily on location it’s easy to identify local landmarks, streets and buildings. It’s an intriguing film for buffs, and for media students who might like to compare it with the modern docudrama. Ahead of its time in many ways yet very much already outdated.

Parts of the film can be downloaded or the film purchased on DVD. It is well worth watching if only to see how Jack Warner deals with a hysterical young woman.

JIGSAW 1962 103 Minutes Jack Warner British Mystery

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