The history of policing in Brighton and Hove

There have been lots of books published about the history of Brighton and Hove, but those in the list that follows deal mainly with policing in the area or about the social context of local communities as the two towns developed into the modern city.


Most, unfortunately are now out of print, but can be borrowed or seen in reference collections at the Brighton & Hove City Library, East Sussex County Libraries, or at the East Sussex Record office at Lewes.


From 1857 onwards police forces, including the then separate forces in Brighton and in Hove, had to send statistical returns to the Home Office about crimes and other incidents in their areas.  These were published in book form by the government.  Some of these books of crime figures are held by university libraries, but a complete collection is held in the National Police Library at Bramshill House in Hampshire.

All of these libraries have websites (see our useful links page) that will give you more information about how you can access this material.

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  • Attwick, W, Brighton Since the Grant of The Charter. 1854-1929, (1929), Brighton and Hove Herald.
  • Baines, G. History of The Brighton Police. 1838-1967, (1968), Brighton Borough Police.
  • Brighton Borough Police, County Borough of Brighton Police Centenary 1838-1938, (1938), Brighton Corporation.
  • Brighton Gazette, Fifty Years of Municipal Government, (1904), Brighton Gazette.
  • Carder, T. The Encyclopaedia of Brighton, (1990), East Sussex County Libraries.
  • Critchley, T A, A History of Police in England and Wales, (1967), Constable.
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  • Dale, A, A History of the Kemp Town Gardens. Brighton, (1964), Dale, Brighton.
  • D’Enno, D, Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths Around Brighton, (2004), Wharncliffe Books.
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  • Wells, R. “Popular Protest and Social Crime: The Evidence of Criminal Gangs in Rural Southern England”, (1991), Southern History, 13, p32-81.

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  • Can anyone help me? I am a mature student looking into the seafront clashes involving the Mods & the Rockers in 1964. Is there any information on events in that year or has anyone any memories of the policing of the troubles? Would be grateful for any information you have.

    By Rose Withers (30/04/2010)
  • I well remember the Brighton Blitz because I was walking home to lunch along Lansdown Road from Christ Church School in Bedford Place just after noon, when the pips went. My three companions and I took shelter in a deep doorway (Still there) as machine gun bullets swept the street. I believe that two Policemen were killed on that day.

    By Bryan Kidd (08/01/2008)

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