Cell 2

British Police Helmets
Discovery Channel : How It's Made

Cell 2 is arranged into a timeline to show and explain the changes to the uniform and the technological advances in equipment over time.


This exhibition involves police uniforms and equipment from 1832, when Brighton Police Station opened, to 1968 when it was amalgamated with other forces to become Sussex Constabulary (later Sussex Police).

Along with clothing, the collection includes rattles, helmet plates, cap badges, truncheons, lanterns and lamps, whistles, gas masks and a variety of other equipment.

Outside cell two is a showcase containing an original early uniform of a black tail coat and white trousers. Totally impractical as the roads and twittens (alleyways ) of Brighton were nothing more than sheep tracks with no pavements. Tarmacadam had not yet been invented so imagine the mess after heavy rain. One wonders why the bottom of the trousers have been turned up and hidden from view!





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  • I find this Brighton Police and prison cells extremely interesting, in fact the whole site great. Well done for setting it up.

    By Lenda (24/06/2008)

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