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Cooper is an instant hit
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Police puppy Troy is an online sensation
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Awards for Sussex Police . . . and dog
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Sussex Police dog handler PC Will Durant
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Dog Unit

Police dogs and their handlers are huge assets to the Force and hold a vitally important role in safeguarding the whole of Sussex. General purpose dogs are one of the most effective means for tracking, chasing and detaining suspects, searching for stolen property and missing people, and assisting public order units with crowd control.

Specialist search dogs are used for drug, cash and weapon recovery, for detecting explosives and for following the scent of a specific person. Dog handlers are also trained to deal with dangerous dogs.

Our canine crime fighters

Sussex Police’s Dog Unit employs a wide range of canine talent: from explosives sniffer Spaniels to conflict-management Belgian Shepherds, they prove that, when it comes to fighting crime, they can track down even the most cunning criminals!

Two would-be burglars were arrested after police dog Gruff tracked the suspects’ movements back to the scene of the crime. Officers stopped two men matching the description of the offenders and called upon Gruff and his handler PC Michelle Innes. Gruff traced their scent directly back to a property where the officers found a smashed window and metal bar.

Another offender found he couldn’t escape from police dog Sabre when he swam out to sea to escape arrest for assaulting a woman. Dog handlers PC Desmond Kirby and PC Geoff Fox had pursued the man onto the beach where he threatened them before plunging into the water. Police dogs aren’t trained to swim in rough seas, but Sabre followed the suspect and held onto him to prevent him swimming out further. PC Kirby then brought the man back to shore and detained him.

Dog Unit Inspector Diane Lewis said: “Police dogs are a huge asset to the Force and these examples demonstrate the vitally important role they play in tackling crime in Sussex.”

Awards for Sussex Police . . . and dog

2:00pm Monday 5th September 2011 in NewsBy Ben Parsons

Dozens of police officers and a police dog are being recognised for heroism, quickthinking and tenacity. Life-saving first aid, clever traps invented for thieves and courage in confronting criminals is being highlighted in East Sussex this week. A total of 75 awards are being handed out at a ceremony in Uckfield.

Sergeant Graeme McKee and his police dog Holly are among the recipients. They are being praised for helping find a man who had threatened to kill himself.

Sgt McKee said: “I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of Holly and all of our police dogs that do such an invaluable job. “Even in the hi-tech world we live in, there is still no substitute for a good dog’s nose.”

Crime assets pay for Sussex Police drugs dog Cooper 2011

BBC News

A seven-week old springer spaniel has become the latest recruit at Sussex Police where she will help the force fight drug and other serious crime. The force bought Cooper after auctioning a Mini Cooper which officers confiscated from a Sussex drug dealer.

Police sold the car for £4,000 and gave the cash to the Crimestoppers charity and the force’s dog unit. Cooper needs to be trained before she starts work as a specialist drugs and explosives search dog next year.

Insp Di Lewis, from the dog unit, said: “Cooper is an instant hit here. She will need to grow and then go through careful and patient training before she is ready to hit the road, but initial signs are very positive. I’m sure that before long she will be out there helping put more criminals behind bars.”

Sussex Police concern at surge in numbers of potentially deadly dogs

10:15am Tuesday 20th November 2012 in NewsBy Ben James

A surge in the popularity of so-called status pets has left Sussex facing its toughest fight against dangerous dogs.

Sussex Police ’s dog unit has already seized 48 potentially deadly animals in 2012 – up from 16 in 2011 and 29 in 2010.

The rise is largely being put down a rise in the popularity of status dogs such as pit bulls and Staffordshire bull terriers.

Police dog handler PC Will Durant said: “It’s the worst it has ever been – the last year or so has been terrible.

“People having these status dogs appears to be the main problem but there is also a great deal of ignorance on behalf of many owners.”

Police puppy Troy is an online sensation

NewsBy Ben James

Despite being just three months old, Alsatian Troy has amassed close to 1,000 followers on Twitter. The puppy, who has been taken on by the Sussex Police Dog Unit, has become something of an online sensation, with his handler posting regular updates and pictures of his progress.

He was introduced to the world on September 14 with the tweet: “Hi all I’m Troy, born 06/06/12. Hoping to 1 day be a fully fledged member of the @suspoldogunit.”

Since then his followers have steadily increased with a group of well-wishers regularly Tweeting him. He released his first photos on September 14, with the message: “Hi everyone, this is me now. I am growing fast. Everyone tells me I have big feet. Thanks for following me.”

Sussex Police Dog Handler

Dog Unit demonstration – Sussex Police People #10dayslive Day 1

Sussex Police Dog Demonstration Hove Lawns 2012

Sussex Police People – James Brotherhood and Baxter from the Dog Unit

Sussex Police Dog Demonstrating How To Tackle Armed Offenders

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