Brighton - Summer helmets c.1967

Brighton Summer Helmets
The Chief Constable of Sussex

The famous white helmets were introduced for daytime summer wear in 1933. They ceased six years later during the second world war but were re-introduced between 1952 and 1968. This photograph shows the storeman Bert Holcombe with the white helmets which were handed back when the Sussex Force was created on January 1st 1968.

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  • We still wear white hats in the Isle of Man Constabulary. I miss wearing mine since getting promoted 6 years ago. The first question visitors to the Island ask is ‘why do you wear white hats’. In TT race week everyone wants a photo wearing one (which we happily accommodate).

    By Inspector Will Campbell (15/02/2014)
  • This photograph brings back memories. The clothing store was on the third floor of John Street Police Station and Bert worked with Reg the force tailor. At the time I was a Brighton Borough cadet and helped in the collection of the white helmets – and the move of the clothing store to Lewes HQ.

    By George Smith (Retired DCI) (13/09/2012)
  • I seem to remember being given the chance to buy my old one; I think that the asking price was 30/- in old money. I could not afford it with a wife and one child to support!

    By Iain Powell (26/09/2010)
  • There has to be 130 plus helmets there.I am bidding on one at the moment on Ebay not as good as these.  I got to £77.00 and still didn’t win it.  So this guy has a small fortune behind him.

    By John Crouch (21/11/2007)
  • The current Sussex Police Force was commenced on 1st January 1968.

    By David Rowland (24/05/2007)

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