Brighton Police Force 1979

Ref: – Derek Ray/ Karl Raisinger.


On the 25th October 1940 Karl was on escort duties in his Bf 109 escorting bombers en route to London when they were surprised by a large group of spitfires and Hurricanes who were waiting for them. During the ‘shoot-out’ that followed Karl’s Bf109 was damaged although he didn’t know it; passing over the coast of Kent and across the Channel the cockpit suddenly filled with smoke. He turned back towards the Sussex coast and force landed just north of Saltdean.

He was taken into custody and taken to the cells at the Town Hall placed in Cell 2.

He was taken away for interview in London before becoming a POW. I think he was in this country until about 1947.

(On the 17th October 1940 he shot down a Hurricane fighter just south of Tunbridge Wells. Hurricane no V6866 shot down and force landed at 4.30pm. The pilot Sgt. G. Stevens from 213 Squadron, based at Tangmere was unhurt.)

 David Rowland

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  • Hi, this is a picture of my father in uniform and from memory, I think the man on his left (our right) is a germen fighter pilot who was shot down in Sussex during WW2 and captured and taken to Brighton Police station. He was on holiday in 1979 and visited Brighton. Great website, shame my father has passed away.

    By David Ray (03/03/2014)
  • Derek was my guvnor in later years. Always looked after his troops. Nice to see you again!

    By Trevor Perks (31/03/2009)
  • What a lovely surprise to see my dad (the police office!)- shame you haven’t got some history to go with the photo wonder who the man is.

    By Chantal Thomas (15/08/2007)
  • Hi. Greetings from Wales. This is a photo of me when I was a Sgt. and was published in the Argus. Please contact me if you need further info. Regards. Great site.

    By Derek Ray (10/08/2007)

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