Early Police Car

Early Police Car


The picture shows Bill Dawkins and Michael Sinden standing next to an old car purported to be an old ‘Police Car.’ This was some time in the very early 1960s.

In fact the picture was taken early one morning about 7am in Bartholomews. The vehicle is one of the vehicles that had taken part in the ‘Old Crocks’ run from London the day before.

What used to happen was the owners of these old but valuable vehicles would park them in Bartholomews outside the police station stating that it was about the safest street in Brighton for their vehicles as policemen were always going about their business at the police station.

Mick Sinden was a brilliant photographer and always had a camera with him. It was his idea to have the photo taken. It is a very iconic photograph.

David Rowland

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  • This is a photo of my Dad; PC128 William Dawkins on the left with his mate PC Michael Sinden

    By John (22/04/2008)

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