Margery Road Police Box

The front of the box. It still looks like this today, althought it's no longer used.
Nick Packham
The office, looking back to the front door and out onto Margery Road.
Nick Packham
The outside toilet. Very cold in the winter!
Nick Packham
The box as it still appears today, although now it's surrounded by fencing and weeds.
Nick Packham

The former police box in Margery Road, Hove.

This box was sold at auction in 2004, and both my Father and I worked from here (although at different times).

I’m interested in finding out a bit more of the history of this box, and recently found out that it is for sale again.

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  • I worked out of here on 10.11 & 14 beats in 60’s. Was your Dad Bill Nick?

    By Maurice Gooch, (15/09/2018)
  • Demolished, house built on site.

    By John Packham (06/03/2018)

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