Police Horse

Police Horse

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  • I remember Norman and ‘Faithful’ throughout my childhood. I lived in flat 25a at Wellington Road Police Station and used to climb out of my bedroom window get down the fire escape stairs to the ground and visit the horse’s stable at the rear of the ‘B’ Div station. He was a gentle animal and I would feed him apples when they were in season and could be ‘scrumped’ from the trees in my back yard. Norman was a lovely man and treated me very well, I have a photo somewhere my Dad took of me on the horse’s back in the yard. Faithful was replaced by another horse ‘Kim’ and it was said that he stood in for the Queen’s mount on her Birthday troop of the colours. The horse was so used and trained to stand quietly at a standing position that it would sleep this way on occasion leaning against the wall of its stable. I can recall that a cat shared the sleeping arrangements at times and was to be found on the animal’s back now and again. I lived at Wellington Road from it’s opening circa 1950 to our departure in 1962 – my Father was Don Church Detective Sgt (at his death) and he joined the force circa 1947.

    By Michael Church (04/06/2010)
  • Yes,that is Norman Bolton.

    By Ernie Cummins (07/11/2008)
  • Would I be right in thinking that this is a picture of Faithfull being ridden by PC Norman Bolton? – I am one of the four sons of the late Norman Bolton. I must find time to visit the museum to show my children (I would love to see things for myself also). I am keen to see any photos, and may be can provide some photos that my mother has of my dad when he rode the police force. Some photos may be copyright of the then Brighton Herald or Gazette.
    Best wishes – Mike Bolton

    By Mike Bolton (10/07/2008)

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