Police car
Chief Constable of Sussex

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  • The car is unquestionably a Wolseley Six-Ninety, 2639cc ohv six, made a Cowley, where all Wolseley’s of this type were made. The smaller 4/44 & 15/50 cars have different fog lamps and smaller cars overall.

    By Jeffrey Bridges (12/02/2017)
  • The Kent Police Driving School to my knowledge was always next to The Kent Police Headquarters – Sutton Road – Maidstone. I attended for many weeks between 1966 – 1969 when I was on The Traffic Division of East Sussex Constabulary/Police which became Sussex Police on 1-1-1968. The school was used by The # 6 Region for Driving Training for Traffic Division Officers as well as Traffic Patrol Mechanics Courses. Rodney – 01825 765233.

    By Rodney Ash (26/08/2012)
  • Its A Wolseley 15/50 late 1950s ( i think too small for a 6/90) wolseleys were the mainstay Police vehicle postwar into mid 60s. I run a more characterful Police 6/80 from 1953 & you can see it in ‘My week with Marilyn’ 2012 film (trailer online) & i HIRE it with bell etc & me in period Police uniform (or just as a chauffer) More for upkeep & fun than finance! 07774457836 Happy to help with charity events too!

    By rik (15/07/2012)
  • Does anyone know, if this driving school was originaly attached to the main district training centre. my deceased father attended this training school, sometime in 1954, his course number was 108. i only have two photographs to go on, both are what i assume to be as his passing out parade. i would be really interested if anybody could tell me anything they know about this school. The photographs were taken by T.H. EVERITT& son, of 63 ANERLEY ROAD S.E.19, and Lambart Weston & son Ltd. Folkestone. And their are ninteen potential recruits from all over the country that attended, many of whom, sadly may not still be around.

    By Roger Love (23/02/2010)
  • I would agree with John Endicott that this picture was taken in the yard of the Kent Police Driving School, Maidstone. The Sgt is Joff Keeler, (an Instructor with the School for many year). The picture was taken in the late 1950’s and the vehicle registration 250AKK. Joff Keeler and Arthur Smith both served with my father George Thomas at the Driving School in the 1950’s.

    By Jill Hickmott (11/01/2010)
  • The Sargent in the foreground of the picture is Sgt Joff Keeler an Instructor at the Driving School in the 1950’s The registration of the vehicle is possibly 250AKK

    By Jill Hickmott (30/10/2009)
  • The Officer wearing the large wreath style cap badge is in fact from Hastings Borough Police, not Hampshire as suggested.

    By Dave Wilkinson (01/06/2009)
  • This photo was taken in the yard of the Kent Police Driving School, Maidstone. I do not know the name of the Sgt but the man second from the right is PC Arthur Smith, who became one of our top instructors in Kent. The date would be late 1950’s, as the Invicta Horse is still on the epaulette and not on the lapels.

    By John Endicott Curator Kent Police Museum (26/02/2009)
  • The car has a Kent registration number, and the badge on the cap may be that of an officer from Hampshire.  I would think that this is a training photo of the No. 6 District Police Driver Training Centre, Maidestone, in the early or middle 1960’s. The car is a Wolsley made in Birmingham by BMC.  The Sergeant would be the instuctor and the course would be for advanced driver training, Grade 1.

    By Ernie Cummins (19/01/2009)
  • Where are they now??

    By John Sturdy (12/01/2008)
  • Why does the Officer on the left of the picture have a different cap badge to all the others? Does anyone know the full registration mark of this car?

    By Karl Dillon (27/10/2007)

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