Westfield Police House

Westfield Police House, East Sussex

The left-hand of the two houses was the Police House in 1922, when the occupant, Constable Scrase, was shot by a poacher whilst on night duty near Parsonage Wood, Mayfield. Scrase survived but his injuries no doubt led to his early death. The miscreants were arrested in Hastings after enquiries by the County and the Borough Police.

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  • My mum was born in this house in 1902 when my granddad was stationed in Westfield. Granddad named her Dora (after the 1902 Boer War Defence Of the Realm Act!) Alexandra (after the Queen) and Corona (after the S.S. Corona!). He also named her brothers Mafeking and Bloemfontein after places involved in the Boer war!

    By Eric Waters (10/08/2016)
  • I used to live here, my dad was the village bobby until we moved to Battle (Battle Gates) My dads name was Reginald Clive Nicholas, Mum always called him Clive but he was known to colleagues as Reg. When we were living there the house had a small brick extension to the side with a separate entrance from the main house.

    By Bob Nicholas (22/09/2015)

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