George and George Bernard Jupp

Inspector George Jupp

Served 1886-1912


Inspector George Bernard Jupp

Served 1905-1931

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  • Hi Michael

    If you would like to send them to us we can post them along with your comment, or email them to

    By Paul Beaken (07/10/2018)
  • Is there any way I can post the photos of these two ‘totally unrelated’ men?

    By Mike Jupp (05/10/2018)
  • I am the adopted son of George Bernard Jupp. (whose family was originally from Brighton) In this year 2018, I am 70 years old. My Father, told me of the exploits of his Father (also George Bernard Jupp) I have a photo of my Grandfather in uniform. He served in Brighton and was decorated for his war time service. He was not the Chief Inspector of Police in Brighton…George Bernard Jupp was a Railway Official, in charge of the marshalling of Troop trains in Brighton throughout WWI. – THE PHOTO OF G.B. JUPP THE RAILWAY OFFICIAL AND HIS CONTEMPORARY, POLICE CHIEF INSPECTOR G.B JUPP ALSO OF BRIGHTON …ARE IDENTICAL! It’s an intrigue and a mystery. If I could post the photos here I would…but I can’t. So!…I throw this email message in a bottle…into the Cybersea…I wonder if anyone will find it and be interested?. – Mike Jupp. Bognor Regis.

    By MICHAEL BERNARD JUPP (04/10/2018)

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