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  • VUF113 was permanently crewed by PC’S John Stockton and Frank Morgan on Traffic Patrol for 2/3 years. Later Stockton was transferred to CID, Frank Morgan was promoted and controlled all Traffic Patrols in Brighton and after Amalgation in Traffic Zone T/4 until retirement in 1976 and is still drawing the pension at 95yrs, 29/06/2017, thanks! F.M.

    By Frank Morgan (29/06/2017)
  • The car is a 1958 Austin A95 Westminster; a 6-cylinder as opposed to the A55 Cambridge 4-cylinder, which was smaller. The Westminster was a popular traffic and area car of the era and used widely in the UK and abroad.

    Paddy Carpenter  Archivist of PVEC – The Police Vehicle Enthusiasts’ Club

    By Paddy Carpenter (13/04/2015)
  • This car was kept in exceptional condition and entered into Brighton’s Concourse d’elegance (did quite well I think) not sure of the year but circa 57/8/9 as the prefix ‘A’ had not arrived. UF on the number plate being the Brighton Registration as was CD. This Austin – think it was an A55 was driven by P.C. John Stockton (Johnnie) and Sid Minns I think …. it may have been Traffic but more likely a G.P. car – Sid went on to be a Police Motorcyclist. John was one of my Dad’s best mates and they were both involved in the Police motor Club which was part of the F.B.P.M.C (Federation of Police Motor Clubs) and they held Rallies and Treasure Hunts + a Driving Test at Withdean Stadium sponsored by W.D.&H.O.Wills Tobacco Company – ahhh the 60’s!

    By Mike Church (04/06/2010)

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