Sussex Police Photo Archive 1929

Between the years 1894 and 1975 Horsham hosted a Divisional headquarters for West Sussex Constabulary. The building is still in place and has now been converted to offices. The gates, a plaque and the crest have remained untouched over the years.

Perhaps the most famous person to be held here was John George Haigh, the notorious acid bath murderer. He was held in Cell 2 during his commital trial at the old Town Hall in Market Square

The picture below shows the Police Station as it is today. Further information on this building can be found on Hidden Horsham

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  • The first sentence of your description above is in error. When I joined the West Sussex Constabulary (not ‘Police’) in 1966, the Headquarters of the Force was located in Chichester. Horsham was a Divisional HQ.

    By R. Morrison (05/04/2014)

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