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Paranormal experiences in the Old Police Cells Museum

The museum is open for paranormal bookings on a Saturday night from 6pm
Paranormal evenings are booked through Phil Meeson.

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If such entities as phantoms, spectres and ghosts do exist they would surely be experienced within the confines of the Town Hall and its environs, and indeed many people have commented on a dark, brooding presence in the sub-basement. Some of our guides refuse to go down there alone and others find evening tours eerily uncomfortable, preferring morning events when the building is generally buzzing with activity.

Many long term town hall staff profess to have seen the image of a woman on the upper floors of the building and I am certain they truly believe it. The sound of a whispering woman has also been heard by numerous people who one would usually consider as being in full control of their faculties. Several visitors have commented on the changes in temperature as they enter certain cells and they also comment generally on the heavy, brooding atmosphere they experience.

On a recent tour, a member of Brighton and Hove Council asked one of our guides to turn off the radio commentary in the cell. The bemused guide informed the councillor that we had no radio commentary or any other sound effects. Openly shaken, the councillor asked to be escorted from the building.  Whatever she experienced was clearly disturbing.

Many groups have arranged to spend a night in the sub-basement and one or two have left long before morning. Presumably, they believed they experienced something truly frightening.

‘I felt a male energy about 5’6″ in height come towards me and could see a rough outline …others saw the darkness get blacker where the figure was and also saw it move toward me …I had a brief look at his face and then he walked straight through me ….what a weird feeling …like a jolt of icy electric going through every cell of my body …can’t explain it any clearer than that. I think you have to experience it to understand the feeling.’

Debbie Dean Psychic


Rob Marks says:

“Since the murder of the Chief Constable the spectral figure of a man clad in dark attire has been seen down in the cellars.

“In the 1980s, a security guard on duty was awestruck to see the apparition of a man in a long dark coat and top hat appear from the area of the old cells.

“Such distinguished Victorian attire could well suggest this was indeed the troubled spirit of the murdered Chief Constable.”