Shadows In The Dark Paranormal Events

Shadows In The Dark Paranormal Events .

 Saturday, 12 July 2014 . 21:00 until 03:00 in UTC+01. Get Tickets.( . £30pp (£15 deposit)

This event will be Shadows in the Dark second time here. We experienced a good amount of activity here which has led us to revisit the mystery of these nutorious Cells. Brighton’s most dramatic concerns the spectre of Henry Solomon, the town’s first chief of police. He was murdered in March 1844 and his spirit is said to haunt the old cells – now the Old Police Cells Museum– in the basement of Brighton Town Hall.

Solomon was involved with Brighton’s Police Force from its early days. Born in 1794, he moved to Brighton in 1821. A watchmaker by trade, he opted for a life of municipal service and held a number of positions in the town. Solomon’s death was brutal, unexpected and apparently without motive. The catalyst was the arrest, on 14 March 1844, of petty criminal John Lawrence, who had been spotted attempting to steal a roll of carpet from a shop in St James’s Street. Lawrence was taken to the police station, located in the newly built Town Hall, where Solomon began to question him. Reports suggest that Lawrence became agitated during this process and that Solomon asked him to sit by the fire for a few moments to gather his thoughts.

About us

Shadows in The Dark Paranormal Events – We aim to give high quality Paranormal events at affordable prices. Shadows in The Dark was established in March of 2013 by two very enthusiastic Paranormal Investigators . We decided that we wanted to provide quality investigations using both Mediums and Technology to aid in the search for paranormal activity. We have over 10 years working as Paranormal Investigators and also have over 20 years experience working with the pubic and we thrive on giving the best Customer Service to our guests. We are based in the South East of UK and our events are held in “haunted” and highly active locations big or small such as Forts, Castles, Mansion Houses, Hotels, Public Houses and Private Estates – in fact. anywhere that has evidence of paranormal activity.

Our Events.

Each venue is visited weeks in advance to familiarise the hosts with the layout and “hot spots”. Every venue/ location is Risk Assessed prior to every event, and we do have a fully qualified First Aider on every event. Approximately 1-2 hours prior to each event, baseline readings are taken in each area. This includes temperature readings, EMF readings and notes are taken regarding the weather conditions, drafty windows, air flow. These will be used for reference should any changes be experienced during the event. The equipment we work with is Trigger Objects, K2 EMF meters, Tribometers, REM-DD, Planchette’s, Thermal Imaging and Infra Red Cameras, Spirit Box, and a MEL Meter and our 4 channel CCTV system. (Please note that all of our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested). Our Vigils will be in the form of Seances, Glass divination/ Ouija Boards, Planchette, Calling out,a Ganzfeld experiment, and using some old fashioned Victorian seance equipment . The aim of the company events is to be led by the guests but controlled by the hosts. We require your feedback and what you would like to see and do on these events. (Bear in mind we cannot guarantee a full apparition , although it would be nice!!!)

Contact us: General Enquiries & Information: Mobile: 07833 617910 Bookings & Payments

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