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Old Police Cells Museum

Whether or not you have been fortunate enough to experience something of the paranormal, the subject is one that fascinates and interests many people including sceptics, believers and those who just cannot decide. And why shouldn’t it? Whether you believe or not, much of what is perceived today to be paranormal has an affect on us all. What happens when I die? How did I know that she was about to call me? Why do I feel like I have been here before?

There are so many questions that can be asked. Do we have the definitive answer to any of them? No! But that is our interest. We are a group of paranormal investigators based in the West Midlands carrying out paranormal research throughout the United Kingdom. We use both scientific and spiritual means to search for evidence of the paranormal. Our investigations take us to both modern and historic locations including castles, mansion houses, public houses and museums as well as private properties and homes.

As a group we have mixed views on the paranormal, our common ground being that we come to each investigation with an entirely open mind, with the aim of conducting a fair and honest investigation. The media today would have you believe that something paranormal will happen the second that you begin a vigil, that simply isn’t the case. Paranormal investigation requires you to be very patient and accept that sometimes, nothing happens. Is that itself evidence enough that the paranormal doesn’t exist? No, but it is an excellent example of the reality of investigations. You may ask yourself, what makes you carry on investigating? This is a question we do have an answer to, and our answer is this: The excitement of experiencing something that could be paranormal!

Once we have conducted an investigation our findings are published on this website. Check out our Reports section for information regarding our past investigations. Or want to know where we are going next? Check out our Investigations page for details of our up and coming investigations.

Still not convinced? Want to know more about how we work, who we are or why we do what we do? Email us, we will be delighted to help!

Tricorn Paranormal 2014

Old Police Cells Museum

Brighton Town Hall dates from 1830 and is built in a neo-classical style with imposing fluted columns. The town’s constabulary was once housed in its basement. It is there, in the area of the old police cells, that a brutal murder once took place. No wonder a dark and brooding presence has been seen to materialise. A new location for Tricorn Paranormal – we can’t wait to go!

This Date: 23rd August 2014
Location: Brighton, BN1 1JA
Times: 7.30pm to 2.00am
Price: £35.00 per person

During the evening you will be given a tour of the location with the Tricorn Team, and work with Medium Marc Richardson.  We will then split into groups and commence the night’s investigation. You will have full use of paranormal investigation equipment and we will carry out various methods of divination (crystals, glass, dowsing rods), table tipping, seances and much more. Refreshments will be provided.

13th December 2014

For bookings contact or telephone: 07590007155

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