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Old police cells, Brighton  8pm-2am £40 per person SATURDAY 24TH JANUARY

Town hall, Brighton  BN1 1JA



After the cells were decommissioned in the 1960’s the cells were used as council storage, until it was later turned in to the museum. The museum and cells are situated underneath Brighton town hall, which we have access to. In 1844,  chief constable Henry Solomon was murdered here by one of the prisoners being detained and his spirit is said to reside here. Shadows have been reported, as well as disembodied voices and an extremely dark and creepy atmosphere. We have access to the cells, that still contain graffiti from the mods and rockers era, the policeman’s washroom and uniform store and also the museum which holds one of the largest collections of police memorabilia in the country. This location is extremely atmospheric and we are very excited to be taking a limited number of guests in to this location. 


We have public ghost hunts around the uk at locations where there has been reported paranormal activity. Our events give you the opportunity to conduct investigations using various techniques and equipment, allowing you, the guest, to decide for your self  what it is you are experiencing. For all of our events there is a £15 deposit option which will secure your place before we sell out, this is highly recommended. 


Twilight ghost hunt team

We at Twilight ghost hunts have always had a fascination and interest in the paranormal and unexplained. We have spent  years  ghosthunting in countless venues up and down the uk, gaining our own experiences and evidence.It is our love of this that we decided to share this wonderful experience with you. We believe you should have your own beliefs and bring them with you on events to find your own truth with any experience you may have. We believe it is important to feel comfortable and safe on a paranormal evening, our staff are experienced within the paranormal field and have hosted hundred’s of events all over the country, we have experienced a whole spectrum of spooky goings on between us, so we are here to make you feel welcome, confident and safe with what you are doing on our events. Please ask us on the night of your event if you want to try something or are feeling anxious about anything- we are here to help you and make your event memorable.

We want you, the guest, to have the best experience you possibly can. We can guarantee on every event that none of our team will affect any equipment or try to scare you, this is simply not what we are about, We want you to have ‘real’ experience. We operate on respect, respect for the spirits who may come forward and respect for each other. We all come from different walks of life and have different beliefs about the paranormal and what you may experience on an event, all we ask is that you respect each others views and opinions and come with an open mind! We believe that we need a good mixture of people on events, sceptics and true believers, this keeps it balanced and real! Most of all we want you to have fun and enjoy your event with us.


We provide an online service where we  can do a personal reading for you using tarot cards. We also offer private  reading parties, with our readers who can come to your home or event, to do one to one readings. 

Laura is our resident tarot card reader here at Twilight Ghost hunts, readings are £10 and you can book anytime. Here Laura will explain how the online reading system works. 

I started reading  tarot cards for  friends and family and then asking via facebook if any of my friends wanted a reading.Before long I was giving people readings via facebook daily and receiving such wonderful feedback, I am always in awe of the amazing comments people leave, it gives me such pleasure to be given the opportunity to read people. I use, on line here at Twilight, the same formula as i used via Facebook, as this is the way it works for me. I use two sets of tarot cards, a traditional deck and a unique carnival deck, I ask the person being read, to send me two sets of numbers between 1-78 and i select these numbers from the two decks. I try to give an overall reading of the cards, almost as if it is was a mini story of your life, and then I read each card individually. I work a little bit like catch phrase, I say what I see. I will give the most honest reading i can and try to get as much information and details from the cards as possible.  Your reading will  be sent via email when booking with me on Twilight ghost hunts, Once you have sent all details required, you will receive your reading within 72 hours- we have to allow this time frame due to the high demand and volume of readings booked in.

Having a reading can be a very personal thing and all readings I do are totally confidential.

I do have to say that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and it is up to you to decide if any of the information connects or fits to you and your life.

After your reading I am always welcome to receiving questions you may have, I always love to hear your feedback and if you are kind enough to leave a short testimonial or comment for others to see, that is always fantastic-it can really help other people decide if they would like a reading with me, the best kind of recommendation is through word of mouth.


We use lots of different types of equiipment on our  events and if you have never been on a ghost hunt before it may seem quite overwhelming! Our team  will give you the opportunity to enjoy a workshop where we explain what each piece of equipment is and how to use it, we will be using this equipment during our vigils, so its best that you have a full understanding of the equipment for you to obtain the best results. 

some of our equipment/vigils will  include :







Over the years, we have been with guests that have witnessed and experienced many things they cannot explain, we use various techniques and ways to try and gain evidence of the paranormal on our ghosthunts, as well as the good old tried and tested vigils. We welcome our guests to bring along cameras and recording equipment and take as many photos and as much footage as they like, this can become brilliant!

Telephone : 07966103113 

Email :         

 OR   Chat to us on facebook!!         


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