South East Spirit Searchers Paranormal Investigators.

What To Expect At Our Events

Each and every event is different which makes them all the more exciting

You wont be hearded around like cattle and left to your own devices.

Every event starts with a briefing of health and safety and what to expect from the evening.

We then normally tour the venue as a complete group pointing out any dangers or hazards en-route, this also gives you a chance to ask any questions and familiarise your self with the layout

We then regroup and split into smaller teams, dont worry you will not be put with people you dont know and if you want to change teams that is fine as long as we can keep them fairly evenly numbered

Each group is assigned a SESS Medium if available, we do prefer to get any eveidence via cameras or evp recordings

We use a whole manner of equipment and procedures including ouija, automatic writing, seance, vigils, evp we also have night vision cameras, so when its pitch black and you think no one can see you we can

No one is forced to take part in any activity that they dont want to.

Equipment You May Need

Ensure you bring a small torch and it maybe an idea to have spare batteries, SESS crew do carry spare torches but this is not to be assumed as they may already be lent out.

Digital cameras are a must if you want to capture your own evidence.

Night vision video cameras are also a good idea.

Please ensure you obtain permission of any person in your photos before uploading to social network sites although it does state in our terms and conditions that any person taking part automatically gives their consent for photos and videos beings used.

If using a evp recorder be mindful of its presence when you may be exchanging conversations about someone.

Black Horse Ouija session (Filmed on location by SESS,

SESS – Pluckley Brickworks

SESS- Larkfield Priory Hotel Kent


SESS – Reigate Caves 15-3-2013

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