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Spiral Paranormal

Spiral was established in December 2006 by filmmaker Marq English (who has been researching the paranormal since the early 1990’s) and Alexis Holloway following the completion of Marq’s first feature film Return to Ravenswood. Spiral approaches the world of the paranormal visually with free online video episodes detailing both investigations and related topics.

Although we use standard equipment, we also like to have plain old instinct on investigations and like to fuse both rationality and spirituality among the team in order to produce results. Although we have a core team which ranges from believers to open minded sceptics, we often work jointly with other groups, individuals and Events Companies. This is something we wish to continue; as we are of the mindset that information gathered should be a shared and not kept a closed shop. Marq also works independently with other companies and charity events. These have included working with Norie Miles of Out There Media, Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe, Brian Shephard, Compass Paranormal Events, Dead Haunted Nights, Phil Whyman, Richard Felix, Barrie John, Jacky Newcomb, UKPN Radio, White Noise Radio, Colin Fry, Extreme Paranormal, Fright Nights, Supernatural Tours, David Wells, Mark Webb, Malcolm Robinson and David Vee.

Spiral Paranormal is associated with MEV Productions and Out There Media.


  • Each Episode averages 10-20 minutes in duration.
  • All Video Episodes and related material are free to download.
  • We are not an events company and only do private investigations.
  • No camera trickery is involved – if we get nothing, we show nothing.
  • All episodes are shot in 16.9 ratio and letterboxed for the web.
  • Some Night Vision footage is brightened for better quality viewing.


Not an easy thing to define and everyone will have their own opinions and theories of what a ‘ghost’ is? Is it a recording of a past (or maybe future) event played out when certain conditions are right? Is it an anniversary of a tragic occurrence or of an intense emotional episode that left its mark on a property? And if these are just recordings (residual energy?) then it will be inert to our communication and all we can hope for is being in the right place at the right time. And what about ‘spirits’? Are they actual entities that have passed to another but unseen dimension but have the ability to return to our earthly plain? A medium once explained his theory to me saying ‘for spirit, it’s just like popping back to look at an old family photo album’. And are poltergeist’s (a German word meaning ‘noisy spirit’) responsible for emotional and often violent occurrences like the famous Enfield poltergeist case?

Or is all this just figments of our imagination? As it’s often said ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’ – and has there ever been anything tangible to at least support a strong working theory about ghosts? There seems to be plenty of photographic, audio (EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena), light anomalies, temperature changes and atmospherics gathered as potential evidence of paranormal activity but how reliable is this on something that hasn’t ever been proved? Even if someone was lucky enough to capture a full apparition on photo or video, there will always be the hardened sceptics who offer alternative explanations or merely dismiss it as a hoax! Unlike studying for example, crop circles – here you have the means to take physical evidence of affected corn into a controlled environment or laboratory but with ghosts it is much more difficult to define parameters of study with so little ‘evidence’ to go on despite the continuing claims of unexplained activity.

So where do I stand on the existence of ghosts and spirits? At the time of writing this book I have never seen a ghost or an apparition but have had a few experiences that I could, at a push, define as ‘unexplained’ even after hardened critical analysis. This incredibly complex universe we live in still holds back many secrets that have yet to be explored by conventional science and one can only be optimistic at what will be discovered in years to come?

Extracted from the book Paranormal Surrey BY Marq English (Amberley 2010) 


Spiral 49 – The Old Police Cells Museum



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