The Police Cells Brighton  

Location:  Town Hall, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JA

Price per person:  £39.00

Event time: 21.00 hrs. until 02.00 hrs. 


This event is not currently available.


Investigate the cells and scenes of crimes as we venture into the police cells of Brighton to see what dark eerie secrets we can uncover. 

Brighton’s most dramatic ghost story is one that involves the spectre of Henry Solomon, the town’s first Chief of Police. He was murdered in March 1844 and his spirit is said to haunt the old cells which are now The Old Police Cells Museum and is located in the basement of Brighton Town Hall.

From the early days Solomon was involved with Brighton’s Police Force, he was born in 1794 and moved to Brighton in 1821. He married the daughter of Emanuel Hyam Cohen who was head of one of Brighton’s most prominent Jewish families, and in 1838 Solomon became the Town’s first Chief Constable.  

Solomon’s death was violent and without motive. The build-up of tension started from the arrest of a small- time criminal, John Lawrence who was accused of petty theft. Lawrence was taken to the police station, where Solomon began to question him. During the police interview Lawrence became very aggressive and whilst he was seated by the fire, after taking time out to calm down, he grabbed a poker stick and proceeded to strike Solomon over the head which caused a fatal fracture, from which Solomon later died. This troubled soul has been left behind and the feeling of Solomon lying bleeding on the floor after the attack still remains.  

SpookSavers have access to this amazing location where you will be able to explore the original male and female cells and experience the conditions that they were kept in, you can even see the original graffiti on the cold stone walls of the cells.  

There are various exhibitions around the museum which include scenes of crime, prisoner’s cells and the detectives office just to name a few.

Since the murder of the Chief Constable a tall figure of a man in dark attire has been seen down in the cellars. In the old cells an apparition of a man in a long dark coat has also been seen. Cold spots have been experienced without any explanation and voices have also been heard in the shadows.

Don`t miss out on this creepy location as we attempt to draw the spirits out from the shadows.

Brighton`s most famous ghost story is that of the first Chief of Police Henry Solomon who was murdered in 1844 whilst conducting an interview with John Lawrence. His ghost is said to haunt the police cells and a dark figure has been seen lurking around the cells on many occassions. SpookSavers wanted to find out the story behind the murder and if indeed the cells are still haunted. We had a very interesting investigation that was full of paranormal and unexplained activity which at times left us speechless. Here are a selection of photos and video evidence that we captured. If you see or hear anything then email us at enquiries@spooksavers.co.uk

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