Sussex Paranormal Society

Sussex Paranormal Society

Well if you’ve got this far then you might be interested in joining us! Membership by the way is FREE! The only cost you may pay is to attend one of our events which we hold up and down the country.

We are a non-profit group and hold our own Public Liability insurance.

We have some of the best paranormal investigators on the go at our finger tips, we have exclusive access to some of the UK’s most haunted

locations and attractions and we always investigate ourselves so you get the best hunt there is.

We base our evidence on fact and not fiction, we do not edit any pictures and do not fake anything. We also try to debunk everything.

We aim to be the best paranormal investigation team in the UK. 

We use a wide range of equipment, most of them made by our very own Paul Newman and others. Many other teams buy their equipment from us!

Our investigators are experienced at hosting an investigation, they will keep you safe throughout your event and make it as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us, we have listed some you may have below.

To check availability for any of our investigations and/or to book a place, either send us an email or call our event’s manager on 07952960214, stating which investigation you would like to attend.

When is your next event?

All our events are on the website and our facebook page. We will regularly up-date the website with future investigations.

How do I book a place on the event?

If you would like to book a place on an event you can either call the Events Manager, email us or join us on facebook, where we also advertise our events. See our ‘contact’ page for more details.

What do I need to come on an event?

Yourself, a torch, an open mind, very warm clothes!

What if I get scared?

If you at any time feel scared and feel you cannot continue with the investigation then please do no hesitate to speak with one of the investigators. If you would like to move away from the investigation into a ‘safe place’ then they will be more than happy to assist.

Will we take a break?

We will of course take a few breaks throughout the investigation for refreshments and toilet breaks. If you smoke, then please respect the wishes of owner/s of the properties and smoke only in designated areas (if there is one). If you’re not sure then please check with a core member at the time of the event.

What about eating and drinking?

As above, we have regular breaks to cater for this and on most events tea and coffee are available. If this were not the case then you would be informed of this in advance so you can bring your own, if you wish to do so.

Strictly NO alcoholic drink is allowed. Anyone who is found to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be asked to leave the event and suspended from the group until further notice.

I have a medical condition what shall I do?

Some events are not suitible for people with walking difficulties so please inquire. For other conditions, then please tell your group leader as soon as possible and they will advice you, we value our members and look after them.

Bullying, verbal abuse, anti-social behavior and fighting is NOT tolerated. If you are found doing any of this you will be asked to leave the event immediately with NO re-fund.

Brighton Old Police Cells

This was an event enjoyed by the entire team and we had some good results here as well.

The building is still in use as council offices to this day, the building is grand in its old style and you are instantly aware that the place holds lots of memories good and bad for some. 

We started the evening unpacking all of our gear in the main base room at the side of the building, once unpacked we divided in to 3 groups for our investigation, myself (Darren ) Paul, Angela and Aimee headed downstairs into the basement past the cells where we set up the stick man along with some EMF meters and full spectrum cameras.

After this we then did a “sweep” of the room to ensure that there were no electronic equipment in there that could effect our meters etc, after this were done and we were happy we begun with some impressive results, we noted an energy source to appear in the corner of the room growing stronger as we viewed it, this energy kept moving and we kept track, we then started hearing noises in both the connecting rooms but no one were able to enter without coming past ourselves, EMF readings suggested that another energy source were to blame for these noises.

The stick man did start to calibrate some sources.

We spent 35 minutes at this location and whilst the energy were low we did feel that some one or thing were present with us.

We returned upstairs where we took a break which can be an important part of an investigation due to energy drain.

The second part of our teams investigation was to take place in the well preserved court room up stairs in the building, this room is as it were hundreds of years ago and unchanged, this time Myself, Paul, Steve and Angela all entered through the main door and began to set up our equipment, I became aware of a strong presence with us, myself and Steve sat up at the bench with myself sitting in the original judges chair, Paul and Angela on cameras and Mel meters.

All of a sudden I could feel someone sit down on me, go through me, it was a judge, after 5-10 minutes I felt voice and were told 3 Charles Bagwell, after this I moved around trying to re-capture the energy while Steve sat in the chair, Paul then reported that the stick man was calibrating energy of a person so I wanted to see this and sat just over Steve was a person! amazing proof that it does exist, I then noticed a board to the rear of the room and also noted that whilst there were about 20 names on this board 3 of them were what I had previously said these were what the energy’s had told me again more proof.

Myself and Paul decided to call out to the spirit of John Charles and as we did the Mel meter detected a sharp temperature drop around it, we asked if it were indeed the spirit and again it rang to tell us that another drop in temperature was present, we bagan asking the spirit questions, was he a judge? did he enjoy his time there? was he happy ? and through around about a 8 minute conversation with him we were able to establish proof that we were indeed speaking with the spirit of a judge who had resided at the court house, the spirit even confirmed that there were 3 spirits with us and they did not wish us any harm, after this we went back down the main centre stairwell back towards the base room and as we headed on down there we noted what we all thought were shadow figures around the upper hallways moving back and forwards again more proof.

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  • There seems to be quite a few programmes on tv investigating possible haunted buildings yet i’my never convinced there has been any real paranormal activity even with the equipment being used for these purposes.
    Why do these groups need all this equipment or spend so much time requesting a sign in various ways? Yet the response is, in my opinion unconvincing. If a place is haunted, make no error, one does not need to request any activity – if one is sensitive to these beings, paranormal activity will occur AND, believe me, one is not comfortable at all with these activities. I’m always puzzled why anyone would dabble in the paranormal.

    By Pat (25/05/2018)

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