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From left to right : James Armstrong, Mario Degano & Kirk Bacon
From left to right : Dave Martyn, Mat Young, Joy Sladden, Kev West, Claire Dart & Si Ransom

Old Police Cells, Brighton Town Hall, Brighton, East Sussex (Ghost Hunt)

Old Police Cells, Brighton Town Hall, Brighton, Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) tickets Old Police Cells Museum Brighton Town Hall, Brighton Sat 30th November 2013

Join the TruthSearchers UK team on a Ghost Hunt at the Old Police Cells deep in the bowels of Brighton’s Town Hall, at the low price of £28.45pp

Date: Saturday 30th November 2013

Venue: Old Police Cells Museum Brighton Town Hall »

Location: Brighton »

Doors: 8:30pm til 3:00am (last entry 8:15pm)

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These cells were used from the early 19th century until its closure in 1967

We have the full use of the Old Police Station for the night. The venue is quite extensive, with male and female cells. There is also a wash room downstairs in the sub-basement and a parade / assembly room.

It is reported that shortly after the cells were opened an officer of the law was murdered and over many years there have been many unexplained experiences reported. These include shadowed figures in certain areas, taps and bangs in response to questions and even strange humming noises heard. Could these be from the previous occupants who worked or were held in the cells for petty crimes to brutal and depraved murders.

Are you brave enough to spend the night in a cell with the lights off. Will the past residents come and visit and will you hear the sound of the police officers, still on guard, walking the halls and corridors.

This is an amazing venue, Please wear suitable old clothing as the lower basement walls suffer from distemper, this is an irritant and can bleach clothing. Please also wear sensible non-slip footwear, This venue will require a lot of walking and as the only way to get in and out of both the basement and sub-basement, is via a narrow staircase. this Venue is not suitable to those with severe mobility problems, or those who may be effected by confined spaces, as there is only one way in and out !

Please visit our website for Further Information, including Booking Tickets p://


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About Us !

TruthSearchers was formed in 2011 by a group of like minded individuals with a keen intrest in the paranormal world

Although originally formed to be a networking forum for paranormal investigators to discuss there findings exchange photographs, video and audio recordings. But as time went by, we found it increasingly difficult to gain access to reportedly haunted locations, as costs for hiring these locations were extrodinarily high. We started going on investigations with events companies (Ghost Hunt Nights) and eventually we ended up working for a company, hosting their events for them. Eventually in December 2012, we decided it was time to start our own company dedictated to Paranormal Investigations.

This has now progressed into the TruthSearchers uk company. Where we take members of the public into some of the reportedly Most haunted locations in the country, Be they Beginner, Novice or Professional Paranormal Investigators. We undertake to help, advise and assist them in their journey into the complexities of the paranormal investigations.

We employ a vast array of equipment, these range from the more traditional to the ultra modern. All of our guests at these events have full use of all the equipment that we provide they will also recieve an introduction to the staff and a full instruction in the safe and correct use of the equipment provided as well as an instruction into health and safety including the do’s and dont’s of ghost hunting.

Our nights vary in content and context, depending entirely on the location and the number & experience of the guests in attendance.
If you are intrested in joining us for a night of paranormal investigation, Please use the “Public Investigations Nights” link to the left. If in the meantime you require any further information please feel free to message us via private message via the form on the “contact us” page, or call us on 07704 072173 between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday to Saturday.

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  • Hi Paul. After such an amazing night in July, the truthSearchers UK Team will be back at the Old Police Cells Museum on the 30th November 2013. Would it be possible to update the events on your Spooks Groups Blog Please. Thank you Love & Light Mario Degano

    By Mario Degano (15/10/2013)

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