Debbie Dean's Psychic Overview of Brighton Cells

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This policeman I saw very clearly in the basement ...he was standing over me looking down at me in full uniform with a long rain cape and was soaking wet as if he had just come in from the rain...he was holding a torch and a wooden baton but I felt he was being very protective and serious... I felt he was disgusted by some of the things he had witnessed in that place in his time. Again no names or dates were given.
Debbie Dean
This man I felt was a sergeant and was not particularly nice...I feel he often turned a blind eye to beatings that went on in the basement and cells. Lauren also felt the same man standing in the door way of the basement. Also picked up the name Henry whish I believe to be his name
Debbie Dean
This I feel could very well be the brother ...I felt him just after I drew the lady the interesting thing about this is that as I was drawing him I was feeling the whole side of his face was bruised and bleeding and swollen because he had had his head rammed into a wash basin or sink at some force and felt that he did eventually die of his head injuries...the same time I was drawing and sensing this feeling ...Corrine and several others were in the wash room and she was picking up the very same feeling and wrote it one was actually speaking so neither of us were aware of what the other one was doing. I also felt this man to be of simple mind but a gentle person too and should not have been in the place at all.
Debbie Dean

Psychic Art by © Debbie Dean


All of these pictures were drawn in the basement of the Old cells at various times during the evening…I personally felt there was more going on there. This lady gave me the feeling she was still looking for her brother who had dies in that area in 1945 …I asked for names and I got Nancy and Helen given to me…she then told me to go to the ‘books’ Matt led me and several others to the area where the books were kept in another room at the back of the basement where several of us felt there was a man standing along side one of the book shelves…we turned torches off and then called out and invited spirit to come close. I felt a male energy about 5’6″ in height come towards me and could see a rough outline …others saw the darkness get blacker where the figure was and also saw it move toward me …I had a brief look at his face and then he walked straight through me ….what a weird feeling …like a jolt of icy electric going through every cell of my body …can’t explain it any clearer than that. I think you have to experience it to understand the feeling. 


I am a certificated medium, and am proud to belong to a governing body known as The United Spiritualists. I am a spirit portrait artist (sometimes referred to as a psychic artist), and teacher.
My journey as a medium has taken me all over the country and abroad.

Mediumship and spirit portraiture carries no guarantees with it and must always be seen as an experiment when it is either presented as a private sitting or a public demonstration. Unfortunately it also has to be seen as entertainment only too.

Mediumship is very important to me and I love every moment of it even though it can be tiring sometimes.

Although I belive in what I do I can still be sceptical of the presentation of mediumship. I know of some wonderful mediums who are honest and I have also come across some complete frauds who are just in it for what they can get out of vulnerable people and are also feeding their ego… Sorry but it has to be said !!… When booking a medium always go by personal recommendation. Be as careful in choosing a medium as you would a in choosing a doctor or a hairdresser for instance. Having a private sitting is a very personal experience and if you are not in the company of a genuine honest medium then you are at risk of all sorts of problems. Always check with your local Spiritualist Church if you are in doubt as many of them will hold a list of reputable mediums in your area.

I make no guarantees with my work except for my honesty. I tend to say it how it is and never flower it up. What you see is what you get.

The evidence that comes through is to show that we are all very much still connected by the unconditional love that holds us together both here and in the spirit realm.
Don’t expect a spirit communicator to start up a conversation with you via a medium.
Mediums sense what is needed to be said a lot of the time. I also see symbols and words that need to be passed on and I get feelings of what they are trying to convey.
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